Assets can have one or more children (Generically called layers). Layers are what get transformed and output into your texture atlas.

Editing Layer Data and Settings.

You can access the data and settings for your layer by finding it in the layer list of your asset and clicking on it. The right hand side will show its settings.

If a parent asset merges all its layers you'll be able to edit the settings and data for the merged layer. Otherwise you can edit setting for individual layers


You can name your layers whatever you like. This name is exported as name in the JSON file.

Output Size

This sets the output size for this layer only. The output size logic and rules for assets apply here. If this value is set, it will override the Default output size in the parent asset.

Trim Layer

Check this box to trim the alpha of this layer. It will override the trim layers value set in the parent asset and the value set in the project settings.


You can give your layers an unlimited number of tags. Tags are a list of string values.

You may want to use tags for finding assets in your game engine. You can tag enemies with the tag enemy etc.

Edit Regions

Takes you to the Regions settings for this layer.

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