What are regions?

Layer regions are generic rectangles or points you can define on a layer.

All regions have a name

Rectangle regions have a rectangle

A point region is just specified by

  • x number of pixels from the left
  • y number of pixels from the top

A layer can have as many regions defined on it as you would like.

To view and edit the regions for a layer select the layer and click Edit Regions

Use cases


Using regions you can define the hitboxes of an asset directly in Cute Exporter. Whenever you export your assets you can read the regions for an asset and apply the hitboxes.

Alignment/Anchor points

If a character in your game swings a sword in an animation, you can mark every frame where the had is and use that info to have their weapon follow their hand automatically


You can mark the bottom of your character's asset to align them with the ground, check if they are in the air, or if they are overlapping a tile.