Exporting Your Project

At some point you'll want to actually export your project to a texture atlas. Just hit the export button in the top menu.

Cute Exporter also has a CLI that you can use to export your images from the command line.

This will bring up a modal that will show you the progress of the export.

The exported files

By default the exported files will be saved to the same folder your project file is in. By default the files will be names assets.png and assets.json.

You can manage the exported file names in the settings.

The newly exported png file should now contain all the layers in your project. The exported JSON file will contain info about each exported layer and the animations. In your project

JSON data file

The overall format of the JSON file will be something like this:

		"assets": [
			"id": "1",
			"name": "folder",
			"parentPath": "raw/icons.psd",
			"width": 173,
			"height": 128,
			"x": 899,
			"y": 610,
			"layerPos": {
			    "x": 0,
			    "y": 0
			"tags": [],		
		"animations": [
				"name": "walk",
				"id": 10,
				"durations": [100,100],
				"frames": [
				"totalFrames": 2
		"image": "sprites.png" 

Below is the explanation for each section in the json